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Aron Baynes Is Going To The 2012 Olympics

Well this is pretty awesome. Remember that goofy, stone-handed big man that joined Tony Bennett's squad and looked a bit out of place years ago? And remember how he bulked up, developed and eventually helped lead the Cougars to the NCAA Tournament?

That young man, Aron Baynes, is heading to the Olympics as part of Australia's basketball squad. And he's probably going to play a key role for the Australian National Team in London.

THE remarkable rise of Aron Baynes reached new heights yesterday when he was selected to make his Olympic debut in a strong Boomers line-up.

The 207cm Mareeba giant, a member of the Boomers’ team since 2009, was rewarded for his stellar recent form at both international level and for Greek club side Ikaros Kallitheas.

Baynes, 25, will fill the shoes of injured NBA superstar Andrew Bogut and is expected to play a key role in their London campaign when competition begins in just over a month’s time.

Very impressive for Baynes, who has only been playing the game for about 10 years. Check out the rest of the article for more on Baynes' rise and selection to the Olympic squad.

h/t WSU Football Blog