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2013 Recruiting Breakdown: Quarterbacks

With recruiting heating up over the last two weeks, I thought it would be a good time to take a closer look at how the 2013 recruiting class might shape up. We'll go over each position with a look the current roster numbers and what to expect from the 2013 class. Quarterback is the highest profile position, so it seems like a good place to start.

Scholarship players on 2012 roster: 4

Departing seniors: 1

Rough estimate for 2013 class: 1

Players with a WSU offer (via Scout, ESPN): Max Browne, Troy Williams, Jared Goff, Hayden Rettig, Tyler Bruggman, Baker Mayfield, Isaac Dotson, Anu Solomon.

Current Verbal Commitments: Tyler Bruggman

Kyle's Take: "After Jeff Tuel graduates, the job should be Connor Halliday's to lose. Halliday will be a RS Junior, and his backup will most likely be RS Sophomore Cody Clements. Austin Apodaca will be a RS Freshman, and Tyler Bruggman will probably be redshirting to help create distance between himself and Halliday. As much as I love Clements, I think both Apodaca and Bruggman surpass him on the depth chart. I also wouldn't be surprised if Clements transfers due to playing time concerns.

As far as 2014 is concerned (technically, this year's recruiting class is the Class of '13), I think Leach would love to land a solid 3 star QB whom he can develop. I wouldn't be surprised if Leach takes a QB every single class from here on out. I don't think he'll go after a big time QB with both Apodaca and Bruggman on the roster, though. I think Leach can get away with skipping a class in order to spread the QBs out a bit, but I think having too many capable QBs is a pretty good problem to have. If he gets another QB in this class, though, I'll be shocked. Bruggman is perfect for this offense, and bringing in another signal caller seems like a waste of a spot. I look forward to Apodaca and Bruggman battling it out for the starting spot in 2015.

One final thing to keep in mind: Leach doesn't have a problem with going from one Senior QB to another. He went from Kliff Kingsbury ('02) to BJ Symons ('03) to Sunny Cumbie ('04) to Cody Hodges ('05) before Graham Harrell took the reigns in '06. Most people -- myself included -- would rather have a QB start for a few years. Leach doesn't really care about that, though. If you're the best player to run his offense, you'll run his offense. It doesn't matter if you're a RS Senior or a true Freshman. So it honestly wouldn't surprise me if it went Halliday --> Clements --> Apodaca --> Bruggman. I'm not saying that will happen, but it wouldn't shock me, either. Leach is just a different cat."