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Adventures In Pullman: This Semi Was Too Tall To Ride The Ride

Clearance signs are a lot like those signs standing next to amusement park rides. The kid's ones, not the "you must be this tall to ride" ones. You know, a sign that only allows young men and women below a certain height to step foot on whatever the ride is.

The clearance signs aren't really suggestions, though. Instead, they're warning signs: If your vehicle is too tall, bad things will happen. If you're cutting it close, bad things will probably happen.

Like this, for example:


And another shot:


via @RyanBibko

These photos were taken today on Stadium Way, just past the skybridge near Gannon and Goldsworthy. The truck was apparently a weeee bit too tall and caught part of the bridge.

A fun footnote: Alive! is also going on. There's counselors waving signs near Stephenson on the corner by the stoplight. And just up the street you can see emergency vehicles and a smashed truck.

Welcome to Pullman!