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WoolyBugger's Favorite WSU Story

Today's story comes from WoolyBugger. If you'd like to participate in this series, you can find more information here or email me here.

Favorite memory? How can it be just one? Ordering Pizza delivery while hot tubbing in Stimson fountain. Playing intramural soccer on frozen Martin stadium turf. The dunes. BBQing on the dorm fire escape. How my brother ending up with a game jersey from the '82 AC. Yes, I hung my brother out to dry and shared that story with Bill Moos. All great memories, but I have to go with a prediction. Anyone who has talked Cougar football with me for more than 12 minutes has heard this story. This isn't a short story and I tried to tighten it up for your reading pleasure.

My best friend Mark's older brother Kenny is just like Rain Man. The two most important things are Vanna White @ 7:00 and Ice cream for his 8:00 snack. He might be Rain Man, but he's got his priorities right.

In 1990 Mark, his girlfriend, my girlfriend and I go to the AC but don't have seats together. If you remember this game it wasn't fun. Late in the game the Cougs scored a TD to make it 55-10. I went absolutely crazy celebrating this meaningless TD. I needed something to get excited about since I refused to leave early despite pleas from my girlfriend. I had no idea Mark had been outside waiting for me since midway through the 3rd period. When we met up after the clock reached zero he asked me a simple question

"What did I think?" Pretty dumb question after a 55-10 beat down, but I answered very rationally.

"What do I think? I think you are going to go undefeated and win the MNC next year. I think you will head into the 1992 AC undefeated and ranked #1 in the country. It's going to snow like crazy and we are going to kick your asses. That's what %#!@& I think."

Flash forward to 1992. For this AC I head over to the game with Mark and his entire extended family. 16 Dawgs, myself and Mr Switzerland (Coug and Husky fan) from Canada. My seats are in section 8 with Mr Canada and 2 dawgs. Mark and the rest of his family are in the west end zone. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Our group takes over half a hallway at the University Inn and I'm sure the rest of the people in that hall enjoyed are antics. Game day comes and we all head out to breakfast, nothing special is going on. We get back to our hotel and I notice it's started to snow. Not just show it's a freakin' blizzard. I go running up and down our hall pounding on all our doors to let everyone know it's snowing. Mark's uncle sticks his head out the door and asks me if I'm happy. "I'm as happy as Kenny with his 8:00 snack". We all bundle up and head to the church parking lot for some last minute antifreeze. The group spits up and heads into the stadium.

We get to our seats and there are 2 empty aisle seats next to me. I'm able to turn my back at the pounding snow and watch our players making snow angels during warm-ups. The Dawgs on the field and in the stands aren't having as much fun. Just before kick off a couple of Cougs sit down next to me. They had to be in their mid-eighties. I was impressed to say the least. One play after the kick off and they start stand up to head out. He informs me they haven't missed an AC in years (I don't recall the exact number, but it wasn't small). They decided they were going to watch the game in their hotel room once the snow started to fall, but they had to be in the stadium for at least one play. I wish I would have had a chance to talk to them for a while and hope one day some guy will be telling a similar story to his friends about an 80+ year old WoolyBugger.

Two AC's in a row and Mark leaves early, since he wasn't sitting with me I have no idea. They couldn't see past the end zone due to the snow blowing right in their faces. So 14 Dawgs head back to their cars to listen to the game on the radio and drink. We score our first TD on the 3rd quarter and I inform everyone around me we still have time to score two more. We score a second TD, I look at the game clock and inform everyone around me we still have time to score two more. And some people think I can be annoying. Two TD's later we outscore the Dawgs 28-0 in the 3rd quarter. Mr Switzerland and the two Dawgs are ready head for the cars. I tell them they can go but Mark knows I won't leave this stadium until the clock reaches zero. They reluctantly stay.

Game ends and we head back to the cars. Once again Mark asks a simple question

"What do you think?"

This time my response was short and to the point

"Eff Arizona"

The UW lost to UA 2 weeks before the AC. "Missed it by *that* much".


The end.