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Pac-12 Fantasy Basketball League

A few weeks ago Connor Pelton over at Rush The Court (ConnorOSU around here) sent me an email asking if I'd like to partake in a Pac-12 fantasy basketball draft he was putting together. The idea was to have eight teams build the best roster they could using players and coaches from Pac-12 history.

The idea seemed like a lot of fun and I'm a sucker for fantasy sports so I quickly signed up with a CougCenter team. Wanting to win, I decided to bring in a ringer, so I recruited Jeff to join me. We ended up landing the No. 6 pick in the first round and went with Jason Kidd. You can read the full first round recap here.

Any player or coach who played for the current Pac-12 teams is eligible. The sheer number of players available has been a little daunting and narrowing it down has been a challenge. So far, we've made five of our 11 picks, I like how team CougCenter is shaping up, but it's far from complete which is where you all come in. After the jump, you can see our current roster and the first five rounds of picks. Feel free to weigh in on what you think of our current roster or who we should pick next.

Round 1

#1 - Karrem Abdul-Jabbar, UCLA
#2 - Bill Walton, UCLA
#3 - Gary Payton, Oregon State
#4 - Reggie Miller, UCLA
#5 - John Wooden, UCLA
#6 - Jason Kidd, California
#7 - Sean Elliott, Arizona
#8 - Sidney Wicks, UCLA

Round 2

#1 - Terrell Brandon, Oregon
#2 - Ed O'Bannon, UCLA
#3 - Marques Johnson, UCLA
#4 - Kevin Love, UCLA
#5 - Slats Gill, Oregon State
#6 - Don MacLean, UCLA
#7 - Gail Goodrich, UCLA
#8 - Byron Scott, Arizona State

Round 3

#1 - A.C. Green, Oregon State
#2 - Walt Hazzard, UCLA
#3 - Lute Olson, Arizona
#4 - Isaiah Thomas, Washington
#5 - Jason Terry, Arizona
#6 - Andrew Bogut, Utah
#7 - Damon Stoudamire, Arizona
#8 - Greg Ballard, Oregon

Round 4

#1 - Keith Van Horn, Utah
#2 - Shareef Abdur-Rahim, California
#3 - Mike Montgomery, Stanford/California
#4 - Russell Westbrook, UCLA
#5 - Chauncey Billups, Colorado
#6 - Brandon Roy, Washington
#7 - Miles Simon, Arizona
#8 - Detleff Schrempf, Washington

Round 5

#1 - Kevin Johnson, California
#2 - Ike Diogu, Arizona State
#3 - Jamaal Wilkes, UCLA
#4 - Kiki Vandeweghe, UCLA
#5 - James Harden, Arizona State
#6 - Mel Counts, Oregon State

Team CougCenter

HC - Mike Montgomery

G - Jason Kidd

F - Marques Johnson

C - Mel Counts

C - Andrew Bogut