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2012 MLB Draft: Day 1 Live Open Thread

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If there is one thing I know about CougCenter, it is we will live thread everything. We continue that tradition today with a live thread of day one of the 2012 MLB Draft. You can watch the draft beginning at 4 p.m. PT on MLB Network or stream it here.

Mitch Gueller sounds like he's a lock to be picked today, the only question is where. During his chat today, ESPN's Keith Law answered a couple of questions about Gueller.

Rube (Philly) [via mobile]

Am I interested in Gueller as a P or an OF? How do you project him best?

(4:33 PM)

I hear pitcher more. Touched 93 for me last summer at Area Codes.

Von Fricke (Alpharetta)

Whats the latest on Gueller? Still Philly @ 40?

(3:32 PM)

If he doesn't go to the Brewers or Yanks or another team in the early sandwich (maybe Twins?).

Jack (bar review class) [via mobile]

Any sense of what might be available for the Phillies at 40 and who they'd want?

(4:25 PM)

I've heard Mitch Gueller a ton with them.

Beyond Gueller, no WSU affiliated player is likely to be picked today but who knows, maybe the Astros have been lying this entire time and are going to take Taylor Ard No. 1 overall.

The Mariners have the No. 3 pick and are rumored to be targeting a number of players so that should be fun as well.