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Mike Leach Hands Over A Jersey To Elson Floyd

If you weren't yet aware, Washington State University president Elson Floyd is on Twitter. In fact, he's very active on Twitter -- using the platform daily, if not more. Before we get to why this is noteworthy, go ahead and follow him. We'll wait.

Now, it seems WSU football coach Mike Leach is assimilating with Pullman and the university well. So well, in fact, that he's giving out gifts now.

You see, Dr. Floyd has been at WSU for five years now. And along the way he's done some great things, both on the academic side and for campus life as a whole. He's been an incredible president who really takes the time to get to know the students and has a superb ability to command a room.

And to celebrate those five years, Mike Leach handed a jersey over to Dr. Floyd.


via @ESFloyd

Somewhere, Rickey Galvin is wondering why his jersey is on Dr. Floyd's wall.