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2012 WSU Football Preview From Bill Connelly

I'll be honest: This is like Christmas for me. For the second-straight year, Bill Connelly, our resident stat guru and amazingly talented football writer, is previewing each and every FBS team in an incredibly in-depth manner at There's stat pages upon stat pages, for those interested in that, and something of an abstract for each team -- a prospectus for the offense, defense and an overall look at expectations.

Today, it's Washington State's turn, and Bill is understandably excited. Like many in this wild community we call the Internet, Bill C. is excited to see Mike Leach back on the sidelines. The Air Raid has lingered and propagated throughout college football, but it's not quite the same as having Mike Leach at the controls. The systen is, after all, one of the most exciting things to watch in action when everything is clicking. Leach just adds that bit of personality -- the flare that brings things all together.

From the preview, which you need to go ahead and read right now:

In theory, this sets up perfectly for Mike Leach. Paul Wulff already did a little bit of rebuilding before he left Pullman, and Leach knows a little something about winning games with poor defenses. If Wazzu wins at BYU on the season's first night, all bets are off. Still, the most likely odds are for the Cougars to struggle a bit to overcome defensive issues, years of losing, some serious stylistic shifts, et cetera. Leach will win there before long, and it is quite possible that it happens immediately. But 2012 should mostly be about observation above expectation. What will Leach do differently this time around? How will he fit the Pistol into his repertoire? How will the new defense begin to take shape? How quickly can his own recruits take hold? How many passes might Marquess Wilson catch?

There's also the statistical profile, which is a superb supplement to the text. And in the above story, you'll find a poll, with a floor of five wins and a ceiling of ?, because who the heck knows at this point.

Essentially, everything is a unknown, save for the quarterbacks and receivers. Having been to a significant chunk of practices, I still have no idea who will be where on the offensive line, or how it will perform. Same for the running backs. And the defense? Well, good luck trying to figure out the new system and how it will translate.