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Jarrail Jackson To Join Mike Leach's Staff, According To Report

Hey, a new staff addition! According to a report by Coaching Search's Pete Roussel, Mike Leach is expected to hire Dartmouth receivers coach Jarrail Jackson is set to join the Washington State staff.

You may be wondering how this is possible. After all, the assistant coaching positions are filled. The answer:

Washington State: Sources tell me Dartmouth wide receivers coach Jarrail Jackson is set to join the Washington State staff. I'm told it's an off-the-field recruiting and/or quality control position.

An of course, there's a connection to Leach at play. In 1999, when Jackson was a senior at Oklahoma, his offensive coordinator was Mike Leach. Jackson had this to say about Leach in an article preceding the coach's move to Texas Tech:

Run to grass. That's the man's catch phrase. Late in a practice, if the legs ached or confusion set in, that's what Oklahoma receivers were told to remember. Don't make the offense more difficult than it is. Just run to grass.

''It's not real complex,'' Sooners receiver Jarrail Jackson said last month. ''The basis to it is just get open. 'Run to grass' is what he tells you all the time. It's really not that hard to pick up.''

One would assume this is primarily a recruiting move -- a way to get another body in an administrative role who has recruiting connections. If that's the case, this makes a ton of sense, especially when considering Jackson's recruiting areas: Arkansas, Hawaii, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas.

Jackson would likely boost WSU's presence in and around Texas, as well as in the islands, should his area of expertise stay the same. He wouldn't be on the road, far as I know, but his connections in those areas could prove to be valuable.