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Birds, Squirrels May Be Teaming Up

This is a not-so-serious story with a more serious message at the bottom. First, the funny stuff.

How many officers does it take to catch a bird on the loose in French Ad.? The answer: At least two -- from two different agencies.

Here's something I noticed yesterday but kind of glossed over:


And now, the rest of the story from KXLY:

We spoke with Commander Chris Tennant who explained that Ofc. Koe luckily had access to the animal control officer's vehicle which had a net inside. They caught the bird and life continued.

"We help whenever we can. We don't usually chase birds around with nets," Tennant said.

Imagining Koe, who I knew in college, chasing a bird around with a net is hilarious.

The serious side of this checkup with law enforcement: There's still an arsonist on the loose in Pullman, which is quite unnerving. Buildings at WSU-owned apartment complexes weren't burnt to the ground and sprinklers extinguished a fire at McCoy Hall over the course of a week. A fourth fire, perhaps unrelated, was set last night, as well.

If you have any information, please help the WSU police and Pullman fire departments out:

If you have any knowledge regarding this incident you believe may be helpful, please contact either the Pullman Fire Department at 509 332-8172 or the WSU Police Department at 509 335-8548.