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HOT COUGAR ACITON: Another Flashback Friday

Last Friday, I posted a video of the Palouse Posse. This week, I was planning on finding a WSU basketball video, but I spent the last hour searching and failing to find anything of note.

The NCAA Tournament vault used to have the WSU vs. Notre Dame game, but they apparently got rid of it. They still have the WSU vs. North Carolina game, but who wants to relive that? So instead, more Palouse Posse videos, this time against Arizona.

(WSU) Palouse Posse vs. Arizona '94 (Part 1) (via PalousePosse94)

(WSU) Palouse Posse vs. Arizona '94 (Part 2) (via PalousePosse94)

Football Anthony Laurenzi's Diary: Week 2
Footwork and hand-eye coordination is huge on both the defensive and offensive lines and we’re always looking for ways to improve that. So this offseason, we’ve turned in part to the sweet science -- boxing can help so much with the form and technique of a lineman. Of course, the first time out, we forgot all about that and just tried to wail on one another.


Pair of locals picked in draft | | The Bulletin
Richards, a Bend High graduate and a senior second baseman at Washington State University, was drafted by the Baltimore Orioles in the 24th round, and Wilson, a senior right-hander at Western Oregon University who graduated from Bend’s Summit High, was selected by the Tampa Bay Rays in the 26th round.