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HOT COUGAR ACTION: Leach, Bone And Abdullah On KJR

Searching for links for this post everyday, I usually run through a handful of Google news searches. It's an effective way to find the latest news, but one thing it often misses is radio appearances.

That was especially evident when I went to the Ian Furness show's website today and found out Mike Leach, Ken Bone and Hamza Abdullah were all guests this week.

Leach joined the show on Friday and talked college football playoffs, his relationship with Mike Price and Matthew McConaughey's wedding. During the interview Leach said the following thing in which he was obviously talking about me, "And Mark is a guy who you can bounce stuff off of because he usually has a smart independently thought out answer." Thanks, coach.

Bone was a guest on Thursday's show and after discussing the Pac-12 prospects in the NBA draft, he briefly discussed Klay Thompson, Brock Motum's status and the team workouts. Bone mentioned Que Johnson suffered a knee injury three weeks ago and is expected to miss the next five weeks of workouts.

Abdullah also joined the show on Thursday to discuss the decision he and his brother Husain made to sit out the upcoming NFL season to speak at mosques and make a pilgrimage to Mecca.


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