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What Would That 1997 Team Have Been Like With Charles Woodson?

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The good folks at EA Sports are partnering with us again around the annual launch of their revered NCAA football franchise, and as usual, they've asked us to generate some discussion around a new feature in this year's game.

NCAA 13 allows gamers to take a Heisman Trophy winner from the past and put him on your team, which got us thinking: Which past Heisman winner would I have most liked to have seen in Crimson and Gray?

For me, I had to limit this to seasons dating back to 1995, since that was when I became a Coug. And as I perused the list of Heisman winners -- I'm starting to get a lot of gray hairs, so I can't remember them all anymore -- there was one name that stuck out.

Charles Woodson.

I actually watched the 1998 Rose Bowl the other morning while I was up feeding the baby, so the memory is fresh in my mind. One of the few weaknesses on that 1997 team was its coverage on the outside, something that was exposed in the Rose Bowl when Tai Streets hauled in two long touchdowns that were the difference in the game. No way that happens with Woodson covering him.

Additionally, while Shawn Tims was good as a punt returner, Woodson was incredible. Can you imagine adding superlative special teams to the other two units?

And then, you can add in the fact that he's not playing for Michigan and therefore isn't able to bait Ryan Leaf into throwing an interception in the end zone as the Cougs are driving for a touchdown.

Of course any of the past 17 winners would have made WSU better, but Woodson would have taken the best team in school history and made it a national championship winner -- I really believe that.

How about you? If you could pick one Heisman Trophy winner to play for WSU, which one would it have been?

This post was sponsored by EA Sports NCAA Football 13. Check out the video for the game below.

EA SPORTS NCAA Football 13 TV: "Son" (via EASPORTS)