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Want To Know How To Cook Hogfish? You're In Luck - Mike Leach Has Tips

Mike Leach radio appearances have become must listen events and it was no different Wednesday when Leach joined 710 ESPN in Seattle.

Leach is currently in Key West, Fla and the interview begins with Leach at one of his favorite restaurants, Hogfish. Naturally, that is where the interview begins with Leach explaining the restaurants signature dishes are hogfish and blackened scallops.

After he breaks down seemingly 20 types of snapper, Leach discusses the best way to prepare hogfish. "You can fry it, grill it, blacken it. I mean it's kinda like Forrest Gump you can go through all the ways that fella does shrimp on that movie."

Leach does move onto football including what he and his coaching staff are up to this time of the year. He talks about constantly being on the phone talking to coaches about recruiting, academics and incoming players. Then talking to the strength coach about workouts.

Leach is asked what happens when a player isn't getting it done in the weight room and he said the easiest thing to do is kick him out of the weight room. "I mean if a guy's a real competitor he wants to workout hard. If he doesn't want to work hard, we'll just run him out of there. Getting cut from the herd, the team concept and being apart of something. Nobody wants to get cut out of the herd. You don't want to be the guy that's eradicated from the others."

Other discussion topics include Jeff Tuel and his role as the team leader, teaching his offense, his lack of a physical playbook and whether or not WSU can win the Apple Cup to which Leach answered, "Well, I feel like we're gonna win every week."

You can listen to the entire interview after the jump with Leach coming on around the 23:35 mark and lasting until 40:30.

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