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The Greatest Solid Verbal Show Ever

This was one of my favorite things from New York. It was somewhat spur of the moment, but after most had left the office on Friday, Dan Rubenstein, Ty Hildenbrandt, Bill Connelly and I settled in to the swanky SB Nation podcasting studio and recorded a Solid Verbal. I can go ahead and check that one off the bucket list now. It's been a long and successful life.

Before getting in to what the episode is, a quick word about Solid Verbal. Ty and Dan are amazing at what they do, and have built quite a following as the show continues to grow into the behemoth it rightfully is. They're both excellent at what they do, and as we recorded and drank beer, the time flew by. Can't say enough about how talented those two are.

As for the show, Bill and I talked about ... well, everything. There's some Mike Leach stuff, some Washington State stuff, a little bit of fumble luck, a dash of Notre Dame and a short stat tutorial. Bill is amazingly smart and knows the stat side like the back of his hand, but he also explains things in a way that won't leave your head spinning. Together, the four of us just sat around and talked about college football, further increasing my desire for the season to get here already.

Without further ado, here's the show we recorded. It's the best (and I may be sort of biased). Coming in a close second for Best Show Ever is the Solid Verbal's Mike Leach show. Yes, he was on the show (if you missed it). And yes, I may be biased in this regard, as well.

Head over to the Solid Verbal website for all you podcasting needs. Also be sure to follow Dan (@Dan_Rubenstein), Ty (@TyHildenbrandt), the Solid Verbal (@SolidVerbal), Bill (@SBN_BillC) and myself (@BrianMFloyd) on twitter.