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Bold Experiments: A Video Preview Of The 2012 College Football Season

So, I'm just about ready for college football now. I mean, I was ready before, but spending a couple days in New York with some excellent college football minds speeds up the process real fast. And when we all start discussing the upcoming season? It's game on.

Last Thursday, Spencer Hall, Bill Connelly, Bud Elliot, Paul Meyerberg, Dan Rubenstein and I participated in a series of college football roundtables. We picked out a bunch of topics and spent a few hours having various conversations on camera about them in our wonderful New York studio. It was a baptism by fire for those of us who hadn't done any camera work, but a whole lot of fun.

The first in the series of videos is below. It's Spencer, Bud, Paul (@PresnapRead) and myself talking about BOLD EXPERIMENTS we expect to see in 2012. Mike Leach is in this one because he's probably going to play without a defense.

We'll have more, but for now let's just say it was an honor to participate in these. Spencer is superb on camera, and Dan (who you'll see later) is a natural host. They carried us all along, and for that I am thankful.

For more college football videos, head over to the college football playlist or check out Shutdown Fullback.