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Risers And Fallers: Another 2012 College Football Preview Video

We're back with another college football roundtable -- the second of like 1,000 we shot in New York City a week and a half ago. If you'll recall, we talked about Bold Experiments in the first video, previewing which teams might do something a bit different this coming season. This time around, it's all about risers and fallers.

Watch as Dan Rubenstein, Bill Connelly, Paul Myerberg and I break it down.

I went a bit of a different route, opting to just slap on a trollgaze and stare directly across the state. But really, it was more about marrying expectations with reality. At this point, it feels like Washington is expected to challenge or knock off Oregon for the Pac-12 North crown, largely based on the fact that a new coaching staff is running the defense. Washington will be good, no doubt, but with a rough schedule to start and plenty of question marks, I'm not sure the Huskies will be great.

Staying in the Pac-12 North, I don't expect Stanford to plummet off the face of the earth with the loss of Andrew Luck. This is still Stanford, and the team identity won't change much. The Cardinal have a superb offensive line -- and it's reloading with a hell of a recruiting class -- to go with a smashmouth defense. They'll still leave teams battered and bruised, and should be just fine this coming season.