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Chip Kelly Runs With Bulls; Pac-12 Coaches Are The Best

If there was any doubt whether or not the Pac-12 had the most fun group of coaches, this offseason has pretty well put it to bed. If you'll recall, Mike Leach went hunting a while back, bagging a rather large bear in the process. And now Chip Kelly is continuing the trend of Pac-12 leading men battling with the animal kingdom.

Here's what Chip did:

So yeah, running with the bulls is pretty spectacular. So is outrunning the bulls and not getting gored to death.

Since the summer isn't over, let's take a look at what the rest of the coaches might be doing...

  • Todd Graham is going to try texting while flying an airplane (probably a mass text, and probably to his players). He'll setup shop wherever he lands, calling it his "dream job." Good luck in Fargo, Todd.
  • Rich Rodriguez will span the country singing Josh Groban songs in a tour aptly named RichRod Unplugged.
  • Taking a cue from his predecessor, Jon Embree is going to go play intramurals, brother. And taking a cue from his skill players, he'll tear an ACL in the process.
  • Kyle Whittingham will be running naked through Provo with the Utah logo painted on his ass in no time. This sounds tame. I assure you it is not.
  • Steve Sarkisian plans to race speedboats in tandem with Tosh Lupoi. He'll also be parasailing. For whatever reason, Sark's activities center around water.
  • David Shaw is going to go bar-hopping with the Stanford Tree in the must-see event of the preseason.
  • Lane Kiffin will return to Knoxville to apologize, only to steal every five-star recruit in the state if he makes it out alive.
  • Jeff Tedford learned to use Twitter and Instagram already so the next logical action is to tweet an accidental dong shot. Watch out, world.
  • Mike Riley will recycle.