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What Are Your Expectations For This Season?

The question in the headline often triggers a trained response. When asked about expectations for a football team -- or any sports team -- the mind quickly drifts to wins and losses. We measure success and failure against expectations, and the easiest way to do that is through wins and losses.

This isn't about wins and losses though. There's plenty of time to dissect the schedule, pencil in wins and losses, then watch as it all dies a fiery death as the season begins. Expectations are a funny thing in that they all become relatively moot when the season begins, and many times we're not even in the ballpark.

However, I have a question: What do you expect from this season? Not wins and losses, bowls and lists, or awards and stats. Leave those out of the equation. Simply, what are you expecting to see, do and feel during the season?

I'm leaving this intentionally broad on purpose. I'm not looking for anything specific and there's no right or wrong answers.

Some things to chew on: What do you expect your game day experience to be like (home and away)? What emotions do you expect Cougar football to trigger this season? What do you think you'll see from Mike Leach (not in a scheme sense, but in an off-field sense)? How will the Martin Stadium experience change? And so on.

Think a little outside the box. Because often times we get so focused on wins, losses and what happens on the field that we forget what makes college football great. It's about the experience, the tailgating, the loud crowds and everything surrounding the games.

Leave your expectations in the comments and we'll have a happy, fun football discussion.