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About The Authors: Jeff Collier

My name is Jeff Collier. My old SB Nation name is GoCougs, but the name you probably know me by is "Jeff Collier is an idiot."

The guys brought me on board to help expand video content on the site. My main duty will be helping with the launch of the upcoming CougCenter YouTube channel. In addition to my work on the video side, I’ll also be contributing some stories to the main site.

Let’s talk a little about my background. I was raised in Puyallup, Washington and have loved sports since a very young age. I attended Emerald Ridge High School, where I missed taking a class from Mr. Nusser by mere years.

I graduated from ERHS in 2010 and went to the only school I applied to, Washington State University. I had known I wanted to be a Coug ever since I first set foot on the campus in the eighth grade. Now I’m a junior at WSU studying broadcasting at the Murrow College of Communications and loving every minute of it. I work as a cameraman on the video production team for the video boards at WSU football and basketball games. If you’re going to a game (ESPECIALLY a woman’s basketball game) and want to get on the board, let me know where you are and I’ll do my best.

As for my writing experience, there isn’t too much formal stuff. The most noteworthy work was in a weekly column I wrote for the Daily Evergreen my freshman year. Unfortunately, all of the writing from before 2011 has been eradicated from the Evergreen website (I do have them saved on my hard drive if you want to see them, for whatever reason). I have also written for a couple of blogs. Most recently, I wrote a couple of articles for SportsMinds.Org. I was a very small part of that site, run by three other awesome Cougs. Brett Gleason, Dan Shirley, and Jordan Grangruth, who do a great job over there and cover everything from WSU baseball to European Soccer to Lacrosse.

I also write a lot on Twitter. You can follow me @JeffDCollier. If you do choose to follow me, be prepared for the occasional tirade about how good the Friday Night Lights TV show was. I mean seriously, I loved that show. The relationship between Eric and Tami was the most perfect thing in the history of TV.


Anyway, as I said earlier, my main duties here will pertain to helping in the launch of the YouTube channel. A lot of other team blogs have already launched their own channels and they are a great resource. Most of the channels are limited to one guy talking into the camera. Videos like that can yield some great content, we’ll have some of that on the channel too, but Jeff and Brian wanted to have more. I have some exciting things I’d love to do with the channel and I want to hear from the community regarding what you guys want to see from the channel. Add your comments below and tell us what you want to see and we’ll try to get it done.

CougCenter is my favorite site on the internet. It’s the first site I visit in the morning and the last site I visit at night and it has been since I joined in 2008. I have admired what Nuss, Grady, Brian, Craig, Mark and Kyle have done here and I am beyond honored to join the team.

Thanks and, as always, Go Cougs!