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Get Ready For Some New Voices At CougCenter

Whenever someone is getting set to join CougCenter as an author, there's a telltale sign. Brian Floyd was once CougFan. Kyle Rancourt was once PlayerKyle14. And in an epic battle of amazing screen names, Craig Powers was once Dancing Football and Mark Sandritter was once Yaaaardsma. (Yes, I counted the number of A's.)

If you were around the various threads yesterday, you might have noticed that first tip-off that change is in the air again -- BigWood!, MichaelTheCoug and GoCougs are no more, replaced by three guys named Kyle Sherwood, Michael Preston and Jeff Collier. You'll get to know them even better than you do now, because all three are joining us as contributors to CougCenter.

Each brings unique talent to the site -- Kyle's sense of humor (only click on that if you dislike Tony Bennett and are a fan of salty language; come to think of it, "only click on that if you dislike Tony Bennett and are a fan of salty language" is the name of my Snoop Dog cover band!); Michael's insightful analysis; and Jeff's video skills, which are going to be put on full display on our forthcoming CougCenter YouTube channel (and he'll be writing, too).

We couldn't be more excited to have these guys coming on board as part of the evolution of our site. Each will be introducing himself individually throughout the day, but for now, congratulations are in order.