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About The Authors: Michael Preston

You know what’s really awkward? Trying to figure out a way to start an intro post.

Anyway, the name is Michael Preston, Washington State University Class of 2010, native son of Wooooooooodinvile, Washington (note: when Google searching, please use two o’s in Woodinville). If that suburb of Seattle sounds familiar there are two reasons why it would: beer and wine. It’s home to the Redhook brewery and over 100 wineries. Since we’re big believers in high school stats at CougCenter, I qualified for KingCo my senior year at Woodinville High School in the javelin and promptly scratched on all but one of my allotted throws. This is my greatest athletic accomplishment. Please keep the laughing to a minimum.

The four years I spent in Pullman were the best of my life. As a freshman, I lived on the 4th floor of Coman and took ample advantage of the Rec Center’s close proximity by making it to Northside, seeing the pizza, burgers and pasta and stopping there. I spent the two epic snow days of 2008 skiing down CADD Lawn and the snowstorms of 2008-2009 sliding down the Chinook apartment hills on old pizza boxes and a spare mattress. I never saw a football team finish the year above .500 and bore first hand witness to the game some would call the biggest disaster in Cougar football history. Lucky for me, I got to rush the court a few times at Beasley Coliseum and see an absolute beat down of the Huskies to the tune of 75-47. Everyone else remember that, especially the part where Ryan Appleby gave the "shhh" sign to the student section after knocking down a three to put UW up 7-5 or something? Yeah, that was awesome.

But more importantly than any of that, I met my beautiful wife-to-be at Washington State. Extra bonus: I way out kicked my coverage on this one. No seriously, my fiancé is super hot. To this day, I have no idea how I managed to get her to agree to actually marry me. We’ll be moving to Los Angeles shortly after the wedding because why not cram two of life’s biggest activities into a three week time span?

I graduated with my degree in communication; broadcast news and production emphasis. I’ve spent the last year working in radio in Centralia while also doing play-by-play for Seattle Pacific University’s men’s and women’s basketball teams and UW’s women’s volleyball and basketball teams (shut up, a man’s gotta eat/work/pay for a wedding). One day, I hope I can work for whatever network will hire me to call college basketball and football.

I’ve run out of creative ways to say stuff so BULLET POINTS!

-If I see you drinking Starbucks, I will smack it right out your hand.

-Unlike Crash Davis, I completely believe in the designated hitter and think the National League should just let it go and give up the pitcher hitting. Additionally, Edgar Martinez deserves to be in the Hall of Fame.

-I love going to Las Vegas and we’ll be there for the UNLV game as part of our honeymoon.

-I’ve driven the same 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee since I was 16.

-Sheriff J.W. Pepper is the greatest movie character in cinematic history.

It’s an honor to be here at CougCenter. You guys are just the bestest.

Just in case you forgot, Mike Leach is our head football coach.