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Coug Recruit DeMarcus Ayers Wins MVP Honors At IFAF U-19 World Championships

Team USA beat American Samoa this past Saturday, and a Coug commit garnered MVP honors in the process. DeMarcus Ayers, a WR from Lancaster, TX, outperformed a handful of more highly rated players en route to being named Most Valuable Player. SBN's own Wescott Eberts was in attendance:

"Coming into the IFAF U-19 World Championship, 2013 Lancaster (TX) wide receiver Demarcus Ayers needed to take advantage of valuable reps at his future position at Washington State. The 5-10, 165-pounder played quarterback for his high school, so he has more game experience throwing the football than catching it. The lack of experience didn't hurt him on Saturday night, when he torched American Samoa to the tune of seven catches for 115 yards and a touchdown, earning the Team MVP award in the process."

You can read Wescott's full write up here. I highly recommend you do that, as there are some nice quotes from Ayers himself.

If you go back and read my first evaluation of Ayers, it was basically an incomplete. I had access to one video only, and it was very poor quality (as well as not being very long). To conclude he was good or bad would have been unfair to all parties, so I simply said my grade was incomplete. I like his athleticism, but the video was also mainly of Ayers behind center. Adjusting to a new position will be difficult, but so far, it looks like Ayers is a quick learner.

The one question I had was speed; almost every HS kid thinks they run a 4.4 in the 40, so I wasn't questioning Ayers specifically. I tend to not really believe anyone runs a 4.4 until I see proof, because running that well is not common. Wescott (yes, we're on a first name basis) seemed to address that potential issue:

"On a field that included several extremely explosive athletes in the aforementioned [Florida State commit Jesus] Wilson and four-star prospect Tarean Folston, Ayers looked just as dynamic and elusive as either of the two to dominate the proceedings at Burger Stadium in Austin."

Burger Stadium? Huh. I guess you could say the naming rights to the field were ... well done.

[/dodges tomatoes and giant hook, runs off stage]

For serious though you guys, I think it's great that an under-the-radar guy like Ayers can outshine more highly touted players so early into his career as a wideout. I wouldn't take this development as "ZOMG AYERS IS THE BESTEST WR EVAR! NEW WES WELKAR + MICHAEL CRABTREEEE COMBO!! WOO!!!1", but this is certainly a nice development. If you're into stars at all, I would take this as a sign that perhaps he will be bumped to 3 stars before all is said and done.

I guess this pretty much makes Nusser's piece on pumping the breaks null and void, right? MIKE LEACH 4 PRESIDENT.