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Taking A Closer Look At Ted Miller's Preseason Position Reviews

Over the last month or so, Ted Miller of ESPN Pac-12 blog fame has been running preseason position reviews. He broke down 12 position groups, lumping teams into three categories.

Teams were either listed as great shape, good shape or we'll see. Now, with the reviews complete, let's take a closer look at how WSU fared.

Great shape:

  • Quarterback (3rd overall)
  • Wide Receiver (2nd overall)
  • Kicker (2nd overall)

Good Shape:

  • Running Back (9th overall)
  • Defensive Tackle (10th overall)
  • Defensive End (10th overall)
  • Cornerback (11th overall)
  • Safety (6th overall)
We'll See:
  • Tight End (9th overall)
  • Offensive Line (12th overall)
  • Linebacker (12th overall)
  • Punter (9th overall)

We can take it a step further as Miller ordered teams from 1-12. Awarding 12 points for first place, 11 for second and so on, we can get an estimated Pac-12 power rankings based on position group strength.

  1. USC -- 124 points
  2. Oregon -- 111 points
  3. Utah -- 105 points
  4. Stanford -- 92 points
  5. California -- 89 points
  6. UCLA -- 73 points
  7. Oregon State -- 68 points
  8. Washington -- 68 points
  9. Washington State -- 61 points
  10. Arizona -- 57 points
  11. Arizona State -- 50 points
  12. Colorado -- 38 points

For the most part, that seems to be in line with most preseason rankings. Washington is a bit lower and Oregon State a couple spots higher than the majority, but it's close. WSU is at least in the thick of things and no longer the bottom outlier like Colorado.

You can find all of Miller's position reviews here and find get an even bigger fill by following him on Twitter.