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HOT COUGAR ACTION: Monday Morning Links

For weeks now, I've been occasionally posting about the Pac-12 fantasy basketball league Jeff and I joined. Well, now that we have successfully made our way into the semifinals, it's time for another post.

In the first round of voting, we faced off with Andy Wooldridge from Building the Dam and took home 82 percent of the vote. This week, we attempt to knock off the other SB Nation blog from Oregon as we face off with David Piper from Addicted to Quack.

I would never try to sway the vote or anything, but I have it on good authority that if CougCenter wins this matchup Bill Moos will move the Oregon game back to Pullman. I think we all know the collective opinion on playing the Oregon schools in Seattle, so you should probably go vote.


Sunday night notes and thoughts | Mean Green Blog

The Pirate struck again over the weekend. I usually don’t mention all the ins and outs in recruiting that I used to a few years ago because some people got a little upset about it. But I am going to find it interesting — and worth mentioning — how UNT does against Washington State and Mike Leach. There was a faction of UNT fans who wanted to see him end up in Denton.

College sports abide by their own rules - - July 22, 2012

Recent articles by The Spokesman-Review on Washington’s highest-paid employees (university coaches) and the alleged Penn State University sex abuse coverup highlight two long-standing elements of collegiate sports.

WSU should aspire to higher level - - July 22, 2012

A great research university like WSU deserves to be led by administrators and athletic department personnel who understand that its true mission is education, not the glorification of semi-professional football and basketball teams led by overpaid vagabond coaches and athletic department personnel.