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Simming The Season, Week 3: WSU All-In Versus Short-Stacked UNLV, Wins 48 - 3

hey do u guys remember that kid from the sandlot movie who was all "please let me catch it" lol he did this and it looks like when gino tries to catch
hey do u guys remember that kid from the sandlot movie who was all "please let me catch it" lol he did this and it looks like when gino tries to catch

You see, they're all in because it's Las Vegas where you go to gamble and poker is a game you bet money on and since we have more talent than UNLV that would make them the short stack in this scenario if we were playing poker instead of actually playing football and a blackjack pun wouldn't really have worked since you play against the dealer and not really the other players and there's no way UNLV is "the house" because, lol, the house always wins and this isn't 1990 and this isn't basketball.

Week 3 has a familiar result against an over-matched opponent in the Rebels of the University of Nevada at Las Vegas, as the Cougs scored early and often en route to a blow out victory. Once again the team is led by stellar offensive performances from the duo of QB Jeff Tuel and WR Marquess Wilson. Tuel won Player of the Game honors in the first two Cougar victories, but this time, Mr. Wilson takes home the award with an lol r u serious-type game. The crazy part is these video game numbers are the type of numbers he's realistically looking to put up, which, please don't leave :(

If it weren't for a FG with about 3 minutes left in the game, the defense would have pitched the shut out. I'm pretty sure it's all thanks to Tyree Toomer, who, as we all know, is a great human being and no one has ever said a bad word about ever. Onto the statistics, since that's really the only reason any of us are here.


Jeff Tuel: 28/40, 439 yards, 4 TDs, 1 INT, L64, 5 sacks

Connor Halliday: 5/7, 133 yards, 2 TDs, 1 INT, L65, 1 sack



Jeff Tuel: 10 carries, 9 yards

Rickey Galvin: 5 carries, 18 yards

Carl Winston: 4 carries, 28 yards

Connor Halliday: 3 carries, 7 yards



Marquess Wilson: 14 catches, 236 yards, 3 TDs, L64

Kristoff Williams: 8 catches, 111 yards, 1 TD, L32

Rahmel Dockery: 4 catches, 51 yards, 1 TD, L28, 1 drop

Bobby Ratliff: 3 catches, 76 yards, 0 TDs, L44

Gino Simone: 2 catches, 86 yards, 1 TD, L65

Max Hersey: 1 catch, 11 yards

Rickey Galvin: 1 catch, 1 yard



Logan Mayes: 5 tackles, 2 solo, 1 sack

Travis Long: 5 tackles, 1 solo, 1 sack

Tyree Toomer: 1 tackle, 0 solo, 0 sacks, 0 deflections, 0 INTs, 0 FF, 0 FR, 0 safeties


Around the Pac 12:

UW 63, FCS NW 14

Utah 31, BYU 6

Cal 22, Ohio State 21

Arizona 49, FCS SE 7

USC 37, Stanford 31 (2 OT)

UCLA 45, Houston 31

Oregon 34, FCS E 6

Fresno State 21, Colorado 20

Mizzou 34, Arizona State 17

Oregon State 21, BYE 21 (4 OT)


Other Interesting Tidbits:

- #10 South Carolina lost to unranked UAB 21-14

- #16 Boise State lost to unranked Miami (OH), which hahahahaha

- Jeff Tuel was sacked 5 times, and the line gave up 6 total. If you're wondering who is to blame (well, not "blame" per se, because I would never blame a player) the totals are as follows: Matt Goetz 2 sacks, John Fullington 2 sacks, Taylor Meighen 1 sack, Sam Flor 1 sack.

- WSU is #1 in the nation in total offense, passing yards, and passing TDs.

- WSU is #114 is rushing yards

- WSU is #66 in total defense, so yay!

- Jeff Tuel is still the #2 leading passer in the nation behind Texas Tech's Seth Doege. Tuel closed the gap this week and only trails Doege by 35 yards

- Jeff Tuel is the teams leading rusher.

- For the second week in a row, the team had zero rushing TDs.

- Marquess Wilson is the nation's leading receiver with 644 yards on 38 catches. That makes his per game average 12 catches for 214 yards. He also has 8 TDs. In 3 games.

- To put MQW's numbers in perspective, the #2 WR in the nation is Kansas' D.J. Beshears. He has 32 catches for 494 yards and 4 TDs.

- Next week the Cougs face Colorado, who is 1-2 and just lost to Fresno State. So ... I guess the schedule sets up for a fast start?


Remember, if you want rosters, go here. For a detailed explanation of what this is, go here. See you Thursday. Go Cougs!