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DT Anthony Laurenzi Arrested For Theft, DE Travis Long Cited For M.I.P.

Word came out today that over the weekend, two seniors were arrested for different things. First, senior DE/Buck LB Travis Long was arrested and charged with being a Minor in Possession. Second, and probably more severe, was DT Anthony Laurenzi getting arrested for 3rd degree theft. If you're wondering, 3rd degree is basic shoplifting, and entering in the address where it took place gives you the Pullman Wal-mart.

Long should be punished, but drinking isn't one of Mike Leach's "3rd rails". In case you forgot, Leach has 3 cardinal sins: drugs, hitting women, and stealing. As was the case with Denzell Dotson earlier in the year, I don't expect Long to be dismissed from the team. However, Laurenzi is a different matter. He broke one of the Leach's only 3 rules, so it's tough to see him hanging around, especially after Sekope Kaufusi's dismissal.

Long is scheduled to turn 21 soon TOMORROW, July 24th, and it seems as if MIPs are generally treated with slaps on the wrist. I'm sure Long will become good friends with the sandpit, but I don't really see anything more severe happening there.

If/when Laurenzi is dismissed from the team, we'll discuss the repercussions depth wise. Laurenzi was slated to start at DT, and even if you don't think he's very good, he was still a starter. We don't have a very good defense as it is, so any hits we take might seem to make matters even worse. I guess this means more playing time for Robert Barber though? Ugh.

If you want to read the Pullman Police logs, you can do so here.