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WSU Football Releases Depth Chart Ahead Of Fall Camp

July 24, 2012; This photo is my favorite photo (Jayne Kamin-Oncea-US PRESSWIRE)
July 24, 2012; This photo is my favorite photo (Jayne Kamin-Oncea-US PRESSWIRE)

For the first time in a real long time, we have a depth chart to work with. Heading into fall camp -- one more week, y'all -- the Cougars released a depth chart and it may look a little odd to most. As a reminder, though, the starters, backups and rotation are all subject to change over the course of the next month.

The wide receiver spots are about what was expected, with Marquess Wilson and Kristoff Williams starting on the outside; Andrei Lintz and Bennett Bontemps are on the inside. Bontemps may be a bit of a surprise, but considering the names at that spot -- it's the Elf spot, with Gino Simone and Blair Bomber listed behind him -- it's about what I expected. Bontempts did well during the spring and, for the moment, is atop the depth chart. But I expect him to be pushed in fall camp.

The offensive line, from left to right, is listed as: John Fullington, Wade Jacobson, Matt Goetz, Dan Spitz and Rico Forbes. Gunnar Eklund is listed as the backup right and left tackle, Spitz is the backup left guard and Jake Rodgers is the backup right guard. Again, I'd expect this to be fluid. Players were rotating around throughout spring ball, and I'd expect some movement during fall camp.

On the other side of the ball, Xavier Cooper, Toni Pole and Anthony Laurenzi are listed as the starting defensive linemen. This is also subject to change as we're still not sure what Laurenzi's status is. He could be gone by next week for all anyone knows.

It's also interesting to note the free safety spot is listed as an "or" with Tyree Toomer and Casey Locker. Toomer was out for much of the spring, allowing Locker some more time (though the latter also missed the end of spring ball). The linebackers and secondary aren't all that surprising, though seeing a converted fullback listed as the backup WILL linebacker is sure to scare some.

Full depth chart is after the jump (via Christian).

X-WR Marquess Wilson
Dominique Williams

Y-WR Andrei Lintz
Bobby Ratliff

LT John Fullington
Gunnar Eklund

LG Wade Jacobson
Dan Spitz

C Matt Goetz
Elliot Bosch
Taylor Meighen

RG Dan Spitz
Jake Rodgers

RT Rico Forbes
Gunnar Eklund

H-WR Bennett Bontemps
Gino Simone
Blair Bomber

Z-WR Kristoff Williams
Isiah Myers
Drew Loftus

QB Jeff Tuel
Connor Halliday
David Gilbertson

RB Rickey Galvin
or Carl Winston
Teondray Caldwell

BH Max Hersey


RT Xavier Cooper
Lenard Williams

NT Kalafitoni Pole
Anthony Laurenzi

LT Anthony Laurenzi
Steven Hoffart

BUCK Travis Long
Logan Mayes

SAM Eric Oertel
Cyrus Coen

MIKE Darryl Monroe
Darren Markle

WILL Chester Su'a
Jared Byers
Tana Pritchard

CB Daniel Simmons
Tracy Clark

SS Deone Bucannon
Anthony Carpenter

FS Tyree Toomer
or Casey Locker

CB Damante Horton
Nolan Washington


P Michael Bowlin

PK Andrew Furney

KO Michael Bowlin

LOS Zach Koepp
or Alex Den Bleyker

H David Gilbertson

PR Leon Brooks
or Rickey Galvin
or Rahmel Dockery

KOR Rahmel Dockery
Rickey Galvin

I honestly wouldn't read a ton into this. The competition for positions will really begin to heat up early in fall camp and with the addition of some freshmen who are ready to play early, the depth chart could look completely different by the time the season opener rolls around.