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Let's Talk About The Writer Who Called Mike Leach 'Coach Price'

Gather around, everyone. Let's all point and laugh at the guy who, with the second question during Washington State's session at Pac-12 Media Day, accidentally called Mike Leach "Coach Price." Wouldn't it be fun to make the poor guy who made a simple mistake feel even smaller?

Yes, there was a moment where everyone on stage raised their eyebrows (the best thing to come out of the slip was this GIF).


But Jeff Tuel and Leach handled the question with humor and didn't make the guy feel anymore embarrassed than he probably already was (I'm assuming). It was a nice way of dealing with an unfortunate slip of the tongue.

Before making fun of the guy -- George Alfano -- understand a few things. First, he was a freelancer. He doesn't work for the Deseret News full-time or cover Pac-12 football year-round. Instead, he was hired to work the Pac-12 Media Day (he's based out of California). And he was putting together a story about BYU and WSU, and the connection Mike Leach has to both.

Go read what he wrote. His story was a pretty good rundown of Washington State's Media Day session, as well as a look at Leach's connection to BYU. Sure, he screwed up. But why bury the guy for it?