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Simming The Season, Week 4: Jeff Tuel Goes Hunting For Buffalo, Cougars Move To 4-0

slap hands, slap hands
slap hands, slap hands

For the third time in four games, Washington State's senior signal caller Jeff Tuel was named Player of the Game. Tuel's 462 yard, 4 total TD performance also led to being named Pac 12 Player of the Week, already the second time he's been recognized as such in 2012. Marquess Wilson didn't catch a TD for the first time in the history of ever, but still managed a nice game. Colorado's biggest weapon -- WR Paul Richardson -- is out in real life, but apparently he's still in the video game. If it weren't for Richardson, the Cougs would have won by much, much more. As it were, the Cougs still won fairly easily 34 - 17.

While the game on offense was centered around Tuel's performance, DE/Buck LB Logan Mayes had himself a game, racking up 3 sacks. Mayes now leads the nation in sacks with 7 total. Senior DE/Buck LB Travis Long is tied for 3rd (with like, 20 other guys) with 4 sacks.

Overall, nothing spectacular happened, and Tuel still leads the team in rushing which is both awesome and really, really sad. Nolan Washington had a very nice game from the cornerback position, and Cyrus Coen racked up a season high 12 tackles. Also, the offensive line only gave up one sack. Woo!


Jeff Tuel: 26/43, 462 yards, 3 TDs, 0 INTs, L40, 1 sack


Jeff Tuel: 16 carries, 47 yards, 1 TD

Carl Winston: 4 carries, 22 yards

Rickey Galvin: 3 carries, 17 yards


Marquess Wilson: 7 catches, 147 yards, 0 TDs, L40

Andrei Lintz: 5 catches, 105 yards, 1 TD, L33

Kristoff Williams: 4 catches, 90 yards, 0 TD, L37

Rahmel Dockery: 4 catches, 59 yards, 0 TD, L29

Mansel Simmons: 2 catches, 32 yards, 1 TD, L27

Bobby Ratliff: 2 catches, 17 yards, 1 TD, L11

Max Hersey: 2 catches, 12 yards, 0 TD, L8

Paul Richardson: 3 catches, 84 yards, 2 TDs, L69


Cyrus Coen: 12 tackles, 4 solo, 0.5 sack, 2 deflections

Logan Mayes: 6 tackles, 3 solo, 3 sacks, 1 FF

Kache Palacio: 3 tackles, 1 solo, 1 sack

David Davis: 3 tackles, 1 solo, 1 sack

Travis Long: 2 tackles, 1 solo, 1 sack

Nolan Washington: 1 tackle, 0 solo, 0.5 sack, 5 deflections

Around the Pac 12:

UCLA 20, Oregon State 12

Oregon 34, Arizona 7

USC 41, Cal 27

Utah 42, Arizona State 24

Tyee Club 28, BYE 24

Google 56, BYE 2

Other Interesting Tidbits:

- Jeff Tuel is now the nation's leading passer (1684). He also leads the nation in completions (97) and YPG (421). He comes in 4th in attempts (151), 2nd in passing TDs (16), and is tied for 9th in completion percentage (64%).

- Marquess Wilson still leads the nation in pretty much every conceivable category. Wilson is number one in yards (791), receptions (45), YPG (197), YAC (396), and TDs (8).

- Anthony McClung of Cincinnati has the 2nd best YPG behind Wilson's 197. McClung's YPG is 151.

- Remember how a then-#1 ranked Alabama lost to Michigan during Week 1? Alabama has since beaten traditional powerhouses like Western Kentucky and Florida Atlantic while beating Arkansas by a FG. They are back in the Top 3. ESS-EE-SEE!

- USC is ranked #1 while Oregon is ranked #2. UW is ranked 17th because the people at EA Sports have a sense of humor.

- No dropped passes this week! (Ehem, Gino.)

- Texas A&M QB Jameill Showers was National Player of the Week while amassing 395 total yards and 8 combined TDs.

- The 4-0 Cougs take on the #2 ranked Oregon Ducks next week in what is sure to be a game that will make me laugh at the outcome. I have a feeling we're going to win because, are you kidding? UW beat LSU in Baton Rouge by like 50 points. This game is so ridiculous.

- If/when we beat Oregon, I'm posting a link on ATQ to rub in their faces. If we lose, I don't remember this conversation ever happening.

- In real life, next week's game would take place in Seattle. NOT IN VIDEO GAME LAND. Oregon comes to Pullman in what might be Game of the Week, unless an SEC team is playing FCS SE, then we're screwed.


Remember, if you want rosters, go here. For a detailed explanation of what this is, go here. See you Monday. Go Cougs!