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Updated Jersey Numbers For 2012 WSU Cougars

#2 in your programs, #1 in your hearts. QB Austin Apodaca
#2 in your programs, #1 in your hearts. QB Austin Apodaca

To piggyback off of Mark's post earlier, I thought we'd take a look at an updated list of jersey numbers for our Crimson-clad warriors. Some will be getting a jersey number for the first time; others will be switching numbers to something cooler now that a player has graduated. If you're an NCAA '13 junkie like I am, you'll need this information to make sure your rosters are as up-to-date as possible.

Sadly, no player is listed as number 00 or 1½ (even though Gino Simone requested it).

Incoming Player Jersey Number
Jeremiah Allison 8
Austin Apodaca 2
Robert Barber 92
Brett Bartolone 19
Michael Bowlin 46
David Bucannon 32
Teondray Caldwell 34
Feddie Davey 28
Denzell Dotson 67
Keith Ewing 53
Sam Flor 64
Ioane Gauta 95
Alex Jackson 85
Drew Loftus 32
Gabriel Marks 84
Eduardo Middleton 68
Kache Palacio 40
Khalil Pettway 43
Niu Sale 56
Taylor Taliulu 30
Destiny Vaeao
Pierson Villarrubia
Theron West

First, you'll notice both Bucannon and Loftus have the same number. This is common, as players may have duplicate numbers as long as they're not on the field at the same time. Usually it simply means one on offense, one on defense. What makes this a bit weird is RS Sophomore CB Brandon Golden is also listed as #32. That means there are currently two defensive backs with the same number. I'm assuming one will change before the season starts, but it's kind of weird that they wouldn't address this now. Golden is little more than depth chart fodder at this point, but our secondary isn't exactly loaded, so hopefully this was just an error.

There were also a few players who switched numbers.

Player Old Number New Number
Mansel Simmons 43 81
Matt Goetz 64 66
Isiah Myers 83 88
David Davis 97 99

So there you go, kids. I know jersey numbers are a big deal to all you youngin's who enjoy music television and screaming YOYO while wearing your sideways ballcaps, and we're nothing if not courteous here at CougCenter. We understand what the masses want. So make sure to write these down in your Trapper Keepers, kiddos, and Go Cougs.