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Cougar Logo At Martin Stadium Gets Facelift

When I stopped by Martin Stadium last week, it looked like crews were just above to give the Cougar logo at the 50 yardline a facelift. The plan was to outline it in white so it popped a bit. You know, part of the whole new branding and stadium renovations.

Now that's done and it sure does look amazing. Check out the photo from our own Michael Preston.


Bonus photo! This one comes from Brett Gleason. It's the Cougar Football Project as it stands now with the old press box superimposed over it. This should give you an idea of the scale of the project.


Pretty amazing to see the before and after of the stadium right there in the same photo.

For more on the project and a few more photos from last week, head over to our Martin Stadium renovation update. Be sure to check out the Cougar Football Project homepage for the latest information, as well.