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HOT COUGAR ACTION: Tuesday Morning Links

Today's links include two feature stories, one about an addition to WSU and the other about a departure.

First, Percy Allen of the Seattle Times has this feature story on new WSU radio analyst Shawn McWashington. The story details McWashington's path from fab five receiver to insurance broker to radio analyst. He also offers up his prediction for the season.

"If I had to predict, I would say they'll finish 6-6," he said.

"I think offensively they're going to do some great things. They'll put up some big numbers. Defensively it could be a struggle early on.

"But I think they'll put up a lot of points. It should be a lot of fun to watch. I know I'll have fun and I just hope people enjoy what we're doing on the radio."

While McWashington is rejoining the Cougars, Zackary Johnson is leaving as detailed in this feature by Jim Allen. Johnson, a walk-on offensive linemen, left WSU following the spring game, opting to transfer to Eastern Washington. Johnson's departure came as a result of the incoming freshman class.

However, the Cougars recruited seven offensive linemen this year under new coach Mike Leach. Johnson says he was informed by WSU coaches this spring "that I would have to beat them out instead of them beating me out.

"And I wasn't too happy about that."


Ex-Coug football player lining up for Eastern - - July 2, 2012
For Zackary Johnson, the only thing tougher than walking on at Washington State was walking away.

Former Washington State receiver Shawn McWashington is back in the game | Cougars | The Seattle Times
The dots connecting his past align perfectly, even if his football career had been imperfect.