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Sound Smarter About College Football In Less Than 20 Minutes

There are 124 teams in FBS, and let's be honest -- that's way too many for anyone not named "Brian Floyd" to try and keep up with, right?

Lucky for you, SB Nation's Dan Rubenstein and Bill Connelly have you covered with nine -- yes, nine -- videos that cover eight conferences and the independents, each in two minutes or less.

The videos cover the big stories, names and games from each conference, and you'll be shocked (shocked!) to find out that Mike Leach's hire at Washington State is highlighted as part of Rubenstein's Pac-12 video. Sadly, that's about the extent of WSU's involvement in the video, but it's still a nice overview of the conference.

Also, if you make it all the way to the ninth video in the playlist, you'll be exponentially more prepared for Tuesday and Wednesday MACtion in November, because really: We need football every night of the week.

Check out the SB Nation Channel on YouTube