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Pac-12 Preview Podcasts From Solid Verbal And Stewart Mandel

In the last few weeks, I've spent a lot of time in the car. Driving across the state multiple times will do that. But on the plus side, I've also had plenty of time to catch up on a few superb podcasts. Of the 15 hours in the car, I spent about 13 listening to the Solid Verbal. I highly recommend it.

But we'll get a little more narrow in our recommendations here. Specifically, these podcasts have to do with the Pac-12 and the upcoming season. It's season preview time, boys and girls, and some incredible smart people are here to help you.

First up is the Solid Verbal Pac-12 preview with Dan, Ty and Ted Miller of ESPN. The funny story behind this: Everyone on Twitter gave Ted crap for two failed DM's last week -- "At the dentist" and "Give me 20." Turns out they were to the Solid Verbal guys, because Ted was scheduled to record a podcast.

You can find the Pac-12 Preview Show here. Go listen to it. And listen to everything else Dan and Ty do. They're awesome.

Next up: Stewart Mandel and Mallory Rubin of Sports Illustrated. They combined the Big Ten and Pac-12 into one podcast, and the show is great. The Pac-12 portion gets started about halfway through. You can find that show on the Mandel Initiative Podcast page.

Also be sure to listen to our own podcasts with Bruce Feldman and with Chris Brown from last week. They were amazing guests and had plenty of insight into Mike Leach's ways, what may happen at Washington State this year and much, much more. The second part of Chris' podcast will be posted here this week.

We'll have more podcasts coming down the pipe shortly with some pretty awesome guests, so stay tuned for that, too.

Oh, and read Spencer Hall on picking a college team (written for my man and yours, Dan Devine). Spencer is a gifted writer and it's a fantastic piece.