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Brett Kingma Transferring To Washington State

I didn't expect this -- probably because I haven't paid much attention to basketball this summer -- but former Oregon guard Brett Kingma is transferring to Washington State. Back in June, Kingma announced he was leaving Oregon after just one season, but all had gone relatively quiet since. Until today, when Kingma announced that Pullman was his destination.

Kingma announced the move on Twitter (h/t Christian Caple).

And Caple notes that the school hasn't made it official yet

So, uh, that's pretty neat, I guess. Kingma is more of a three-point specialist, roaming around the perimeter and draining buckets from long-range. Or, at least, he was in high school. The sample size at Oregon -- just 186 minutes last year -- doesn't really tell us a ton about what he's able to do at the college level.

Kingma will have to sit a year and would be a redshirt sophomore when he becomes eligible. I believe there's somewhat of a rubber-stamp process that has to do with transferring within the conference, as well.

I'd expect Kingma to play the two at Washington State. It's possible, perhaps, that he sees some time at the point guard spot, but he's always been more of a shooter than anything else. But this is news you should be excited about. He was a solid player coming out of high school and held offers from Washington, Oregon, Arizona State and others.