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WSU Night On The Pac-12 Network: Open Game Thread

oh man what great picture quality
oh man what great picture quality

As most of you know, tonight is basically Cougar Night on the Pac 12 Network. Starting at 6pm PT, the Pac 12 Network, along with all of the other regional networks, will show a replay of WSU's 31-27 victory over the Colorado Buffaloes from last October. The Pac 12 Network has been counting down the Top 10 Most Exciting Games from 2011, and this game comes in at #7. In case anyone blacked out after the win and completely forgot what happened (looking directly at members of the B-Lot), this is the game where Marquess Wilson catches a touchdown late to give us the lead, and pants everywhere not only come off, but get lit on fire. Marshall Lobbestael found Wilson wide open for the game winning touchdown and Cougs everywhere went absolutely bananas. I remember dropping my laptop on the ground and jumping out of my recliner screaming. I wanted to imitate that flying back/shoulder bump that athletes do, but I had no one to do it with. So I did it to my fridge.

Mrs. Kyle was not amused.

After the replay of WSU/Colorado, the Pac 12 Network will offer their season preview of Mike Leach and the 2012 Cougars (8pm PT). And if that's not enough, at 8:30pm, the network will then replay the 1992 Apple Cup which we all know as "The Snow Bowl". Pretty great night for WSU fans*. Come join in the discussion!

Go Cougs!

*Who have the Pac 12 Network. hahahaha Sherwood & SoCalCoug