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The Cougar Athletic Fund Continues To Grow

Since the day he took over as athletic director, Bill Moos has preached the importance of alumni support. The latest Cougar Athletic Fund numbers seem to indicate that message is getting through as the CAF membership base has now grown to over 6,000 members.

Boosted by the arrival of Mike Leach, the CAF closed 2011 with 4,123 members. Following the four "Night with Cougar Football" events, the CAF had just over 5,200 members at the end of February.

According to the release from WSU, CAF membership and overall contributions have nearly doubled in the last 13 months. Using membership numbers from 2011, WSU would currently have the seventh largest athletic fund membership in the Pac-12. WSU is still roughly 3,000 members behind Oregon, who leads the Pac-12, but the latest progress is encouraging.

"CAF membership is a great indicator of the partnership between WSU Athletics and its fans," said Moos. "Cougar fans have stepped up their support as the Athletic Department has stepped up its commitment to excellence. But there is much work yet to be done. We will eventually celebrate being the most-supported school in the league the same way we will celebrate Pac-12 Championships."

Membership to the CAF requires an minimum annual donation of just $50. A few payment plan options are available, including a monthly plan, meaning it takes as little as $4.17 a month to become a member. To become a member, or get more information on the CAF, you can call 1-877-IMA-COUG, e-mail or visit