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Vince Grippi Of The Spokesman-Review Joins The CougCenter Podcast

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We've had our share of famous and semi-famous people on the podcast over the last month, but none is more famous among Coug fans than our next guest, Vince Grippi of The Spokesman-Review.

Vince covered the Cougs for the past five years before "retiring" from the S-R, but that doesn't mean he's retreated to the rocking chair on his front porch to shake his fist at kids trying to run across his lawn.* He's still writing his morning post over at SportsLink, which is a must-read each morning. He's been filling in occasionally on the radio up there in Spokane, and he still follows the Cougs, even driving down from Spokane a few times to check out some practices. He'll be joining Dennis Patchin on the WSU postgame show this fall.

*It's a fun visual, though!

Given all that, we figured it would be awesome to get him on the podcast to talk about the upcoming season, and he did not disappoint.

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Vince Grippi Interview