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Connor Halliday Has A New Poster

There is a poster in Connor Halliday's room that longtime readers of the site should recognize. It's a poster created by TiltingRight, way back when Halliday was slinging the ball around and not healing from a lacerated liver. It also describes Halliday's thought process to a T.

So where did it come from? First we have to go back. Jeff Tuel was actually the original here, but his "Hope" poster didn't quite have the flare of Halliday's. In fact, it just said "Hope," because fans were hoping Tuel would be the answer a few years ago. And he has been, when healthy.

And then there was Halliday. He came, he saw, he conquered, he managed to get his liver split open, and he still gutted it out. His attitude really does fit the "F*ck it, go deep" style of play, thus the TiltingRight creation being a perfect representation of the young man. It's why Halliday is a favorite here and elsewhere -- starting quarterback or not.

So there you go. I believe that's the story behind Halliday's poster -- Halliday himself didn't know who made it, but after he found it his mom blew it up for him. Now everyone remember how awesome TiltingRight's GIF/Photo recaps were.