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The Great Marquess Wilson Catch That Wasn't Actually A Catch

Matt Christopher wrote a series of children's sports books, each telling the tale of an athlete with some unique abilities. There was the "Catcher With The Glass Arm" or the "Kid Who Only Hit Homers." If Christopher decided to write a book about Marquess Wilson, he might call it the "Wide Receiver Who's Great Catches Never Count."

Not once, but twice against BYU, Wilson had a big play called back due to John Fullington holding penalty. The most notable was a tremendous leaping touchdown grab where Wilson not only rose over a defender and high-pointed the ball in traffic, but also managed to get his foot down despite being boxed into the corner of the endzone. A play that looked like it was going no where ended with one heck of a catch (click to animate).


The catch is even more impressive in the close up angle.


The catch, however, didn't count as it was called back for a holding call on Fullington. Judging by the replay below, it doesn't seem like much of a hold, but with a Pac-12 officiating crew, no call surprises me.


Despite the disappointment of the outcome, at least we know Marquess Wilson can still do Marquess Wilson type things. Maybe next week, they'll even count on the scoreboard.