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Video: Dan Rubenstein Interviews Mike Leach; Shutdown Fullback On The Pac-12

If you don't subscribe to the SB Nation YouTube channel ... well, you're just silly. Because there continues to be great stuff over there.

Of particular interest to you, I imagine, is Dan Rubenstein's one-on-one interview with Mike Leach conducted during Pac-12 media day. Rubenstein is no stranger to Leach, having interviewed him on The Solid Verbal podcast back in June, and there are some fun stuff in those five minutes, even for those of us who have been following pretty much every word Leach has said since he was hired in November.

Dan: How far out are you from really getting a squad of players that you feel can do what you want?

Leach: Well, you're always trying to get better, and then what's tough to say on that is we're a pretty young team. So everyday I'd look out there and somebody'd do something I didn't think they could do. And then it became, "Well how many times in a row can you do it? Can you do it every time Is this a one-time thing? OK, can you do it half the time yet?" And then beyond that, try to say, "OK how can we utilize it to help the team? How do we make sure we get this player in in those situations?" That kind of thing.

Good questions from Dan. Check it out.

I'm also passing along the Pac-12 episode of Shutdown Fullback, the college football show by Spencer Hall (of SB Nation and EDSBS fame) and Jason Kirk (also of SB Nation and EDSBS, just not nearly as famous*).

*Just kidding Jason. You're awesome. Even though I don't know you. You probably feel the same in Spencer's shadow as I feel in Brian's. Wait, is this getting weird? I feel like this is getting weird.

The following video features such gems as ...

Spencer: Remember, the Pac-12? The original hipsters' conference? The second-oldest conference of the major conferences, formed in 1915 in Portland, Oregon! The town of strip clubs, bars, home brew, craft beer and, most importantly, this is the conference that has a bird on it, because it was born in the dream that is Portland.

Jason: This is also the conference that had electricity ... and black people ... well before the SEC did. But, listen -- noooooobody wants to go back and dig into the 1980s.


Spencer: Also, remember -- this is a conference that's very serious about football, but not quite as serious as others. Just because there's a lot of things to worry about out west.

Jason: Well, you got your mountain ranges, you got tsunamis ...

Spencer: Big Foot. Who might be Mike Leach. Maybe the same person up in Washington.

Jason: Mike Leach will probably kill him if not. Mike Leach enters, Big Foot enters, only one leaves ...

Just watch the rest, unless you find the terms "pubes" or "butt sex" offensive and/or are within earshot of your boss and/or someone else whose delicate sensibilities might be irreparably damaged.