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Rahmel Dockery Trying His Hand At Corner

This move was probably overdue, but who knows whether it'll stick. Rahmel Dockery was, in fact, at practice on Sunday, and there's a simple explanation for the mix-up. Instead of wearing his usual crimson jersey, Dockery was in white. Crimson is for offense and white is for defense.

This, of course, means Dockery was working at cornerback. He had yet to work with the defense, instead practicing on the offensive side of the ball at one of the outside receiver spots during the spring. But this move, or experiment, makes a whole lot of sense.

It was unlikely Dockery was going to crack the rotation at receiver this season. He was never able to crack the two-deep during the spring, and didn't even get particularly close. Most of the time, he was working with what basically amounted to the scout team during 11-on-11 and 7-on-7.

More importantly, corner is a more natural fit for Dockery. He's good at it, and has the speed and coverage skills to provide a boost to the secondary. Couple that with the obvious depth issues at corner, and it's easy to see why Dockery is getting some work there.

It's still early in fall camp, mind you, and players are being moved around. This is part of the acclimation process: Coaches want to get a look at certain players at different positions, so they're experimenting. Whether Dockery stays at corner is still unknown.

But it's certainly worth a shot and, in my eyes, is a better fit for his skill-set at the moment. It wouldn't be surprising to see him working at corner -- at least as depth -- and on special teams as a return man in the near future.