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'Swing Your Sword' Paperback Is Out

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The Swing Your Sword paperback is out.
The Swing Your Sword paperback is out.

A little over a week ago, I put together an impassioned plea for everyone to buy the Swing Your Sword paperback, by Bruce Feldman and Mike Leach. Today, the paperback is out -- available online or at your favorite bookstore. This isn't just a straight port from hardcover to paperback, though, and I think the new version will be of particular interest to Washington State fans.

Earlier this morning, Jeff and I put together a little surprise for the site. It's not much of a surprise anymore -- because we were talking about it on Twitter -- but we were able to steal some of Bruce's time to record a podcast. It'll be up later this week and is something I'm sure everyone will enjoy listening to as much as we enjoyed recording.

Without spoiling everything, Bruce gave us an idea of what's new in the book. And this is where the Washington State angle comes in. In the updated version, Leach writes about why he chose Washington State, why other jobs weren't on the same level in terms of fit as this job was, and what it was like dealing with the whole Texas Tech incident. He's had some time to reflect on what happened, and it sounds like he's very introspective about the effects of the whole ordeal on his life outside of football.

So that's my sell job (again). This book is something I whole-heartedly support. I've ordered the paperback myself and am looking forward to diving in and reading what Leach has to say about Washington State.

Go buy the book and support the authors. You can find it at Amazon right here. It's a little less than $11, which is a great price for something you'll get some serious mileage out of.