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2012 London Olympics: Aron Baynes Takes On USA Basketball Open Thread

Baynes vs. the WORLD.
Baynes vs. the WORLD.

Aron Baynes and the Australian basketball team will be taking on the United States in a quarterfinal match-up at the 2012 London Games. As Mark mentioned earlier in Hot Cougar Action, this will be a rematch of Kevin Love and Baynes from their college days.

The game will be broadcast live (SERIOUSLY!) on NBC Sports Network and can be streamed on NBC's site at

Baynes typically works as a reserve for Australia, but does see his share of minutes (often limited by foul trouble). He works well on the screen and roll and is Australia's most effective low-post guy. We'll see how well he does guarding the likes of Lebron James, Tyson Chandler, and Carmelo Anthony.

The game already started, so hurry up and get in the comments and discuss the action with other Coug fans!

Go USA! Go Aron Baynes! At the same time! You can do it!