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Players Of The Week: WSU Vs. EWU Edition

well this is awkward
well this is awkward

Well, a win is a win, right? The Washington State Cougars held on to beat the Eastern Washington Eagles 24-20 in Mike Leach's home debut in newly renovated Martin Stadium. Is that enough SEO for the first paragraph? Just for good measure, hot cougars free twilight breaking dawn fifty shades of grey mtv movie awards jersey shore snooki's baby pauly shore in the army now biodome.

Yeah. That'll do.

I honestly figured I'd have four or five guys to choose from for each position. While I didn't expect us to roll Eastern with no problems, I figured it would be a high scoring affair with awesome video gamey stats galore. Turns out video games aren't realistic. Imagine my disappointment.

Phillip Bobo Offense POTW:

Isiah Myers -- 6 catches, 58 yards, 2 TDs, 7.25 YPT, 2.52 YPR (what are YPT and YPR?)

I honestly never thought I'd type that. Isiah Myers? I figured he might catch one touchdown all season. His second TD catch of the game was a very nice diving catch, and he was able to get good separation all day. While I wouldn't count on this type of game from him on a weekly basis, I think we can safely say he'll be a part of the "Best 8" rotation.

Steve Gleason Defense POTW:

Cyrus Coen -- 3 tackles, 3 solo, 0 sacks, 1 INT, 1 deflection, 1 QB hurry

While Coen's stats may look just average, he was everywhere on Saturday. Coen dropped back into coverage as the SAM linebacker and covered some very good receivers. He rushed the passer causing Kyle Padron to throw under duress. He just seemed to be everywhere on tape. I never really thought Coen had star written all over him, but the more I watch, the more I like. I think he'll be one of those players we never fully appreciate until he leaves.

Kyle Basler Special Teams POTW:

Michael Bowlin -- 7 punts, 347 yards, 49.6 average, L69, 2 inside the 20

I know, I know. This is probably the place where Andrew Furney should go after nailing a 60-yard FG, the 2nd longest in WSU history. And while he deserves all the credit for that, he also missed a 40-yarder. I'm not saying that really diminishes the one from 60, but I give the slight edge to Bowlin for averaging 50 yards per punt, including one of almost 70-freaking-yards. I also thought about including Leon Brooks and his 48 yards in the return game, which were more than all of last year. That's the sort of stat where you laugh and then immediately start crying.


I've decided to name the POTW awards after a different Cougar great each week. The only criteria is they must place the same position. So when a WR wins Offensive POTW, I'll pick a great WR in Cougar history, and so on and so forth with the other positions. I just hope we never have a longsnapper win POTW.

Last week's predicion:

Jeff Tuel, Chester Su'a, Andrew Furney.

I could have gone 1/3 with the Furney pick, but I went with Bowlin instead. See Jason, I can be fair!

Predictions for next week:

Gabe Marks, Taylor Taliulu, Leon Brooks


(full stats here)