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WSU Vs. EWU Highlights: Gettin' GIF-y With It

The title of this post comes from Mark. We also have an alternate title from Jeff Collier that'll be used after losses. The idea here is simple: These posts will have a bunch of fun (and maybe not-so-fun) GIFs that serve as highlights from the game.

This week, most of the GIFs are happy. Washington State squeaked by Eastern Washington -- the Cougars first win of the season -- and for that we should be happy (or relieved). It's a celebration, y'all.

Should go without saying, but be warned: There are lots of GIFs after the jump.

We're starting with Andrew Furney, because we have to start with Andrew Furney. On Monday, Furney said it doesn't bother him when other teams call a timeout before he kicks. In this GIF, David Gilbertson told Furney, "Oh, they're calling a timeout. They must think you can make it."


And the celebration. Look at Furney go!


This was a heck of a throw by Jeff Tuel and catch by Isiah Myers. Just a pretty great play all around. Myers found some space in the back of the end zone, and Tuel put the ball in a spot where only his receiver could get it. Myers took a shot, but made a very nice grab.


Here's the "force-out" on Eastern's first touchdown. It was a pretty awful call. There's some hand-fighting, sure, but it's as much Brandon Kaufman pushing off to create separation as it is Nolan Washington "forcing" the receiver out of bounds. Washington is playing this like a defensive back should, crowding the receiver and using the sideline as an extra defender.


Here's Jeff Tuel's injury. After watching it again and again, it doesn't look terrible. He got hit low and was twisted up a bit, but it doesn't appear that his knee was torqued too bad. Goodness did John Fullington get beat around the edge, though. And when trying to recover, he almost forced the defensive end into Tuel's legs.


Confused Mike Leach is pretty awesome.


Finally, once again, here's the last play of the game. This was way too close, and it actually hits the receiver in the hands.


Back with more next week! Hopefully they'll be happy GIFs.