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College Football Rankings, Week 2: BlogPoll Top 25 Ballot


Week 2 of the BlogPoll Top 25 college football rankings are here, and I offer up my ballot ahead of the final ratings to be published tomorrow.

If you don't remember how I come about these rankings, and are confused about how a Pac-12 guy would leave USC off his ballot, go here for an explanation.

So why are the Trojans not in my top 25? Well, it appears they are seriously hurt by playing some not-so-great teams. The average ranking of the two teams they've played, Hawai'i and Syracuse, is 103.5.

Some other notably wacky rankings are Ohio State at #2, Baylor at #8, Ohio at #23, and Utah State at #25. Utah State is clearly better than Southern Cal, you guys.

Here are the rankings for Pac-12 teams:

6. Arizona: Big win over Oklahoma State, plus Toledo winning this week helps their cause.

9. UCLA: Big win over Nebraska, plus Rice winning this week helps their cause.

11. Oregon: They'll probably keep rising as they blow more people out.

13. Arizona State: Destroying Big Ten opponents is always cool. Nice week for the Pac-12.

18. Stanford: Brought Duke down a peg. Or, many, many pegs. The Blue Devils fall from #18 to #74.

26. USC: Soooooooo close.

47. Utah: The Utes have to be proud. They almost beat the powerhouse that is Utah State.

66. Oregon State: I know that win over Wisconsin was huge, but my numbers didn't really like the Badgers after they barely beat an FCS opponent in their opening game.

71. Washington: Purple and yellow are way more points better than purple and gold.

85. Cal: 1-1 versus a not-so-great schedule.

101. Washington State Wooooooo! Not last!.

121. Colorado: Take that, Colorado.

Full ballot after the jump. If you want to know where any other specific teams landed, just ask.