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WSU Football Recruiting: Jamal Morrow, RB From California, Becomes 13th Commit

According to Adam Gorney of, RB Jamal Morrow has committed to Mike Leach and the Washington State Cougars.

William Mancebo - Getty Images

Morrow becomes the 13th* commit of the 2013 class, and the third running back. To be honest, I'm pretty surprised that we're bringing in three ball carriers this class. While we're not exactly loaded at RB, Leach doesn't use a feature 'back who gets 30+ carries. With Gerard Wicks and Olito Thompson already in the mix, I'm not sure where Morrow fits in all of this. I'm sure Leach and Co. have a plan in place, though, as they wouldn't have offered him a scholarship had they not figured he could work within their system

*13 if you count Ivan McLennan.

The first thing you notice is, holy cow does he break a lot of tackles. Scout lists him at 5'8, 180 pounds, but his legs resemble tree trunks. He reminds me of Wicks in that way. He's small, but powerful, and extremely shifty. He's quicker than he is fast, but he's certainly not slow. Almost all of his runs are 80+ yard TDs which makes the video game enthusiast in me extremely happy.

He also played corner, but I think he's coming here to play offense. Perhaps Leach will move him to the H like he did with Rickey Galvin. Perhaps he'll leave him at RB. He excels in making guys miss, so I'm sure Leach will find a way to get him on the field. Morrow has really nice vision and follows his blockers well.

Morrow currently holds offers from Northern Arizona and Utah. Scout has him rated as a 2-star player, and the #118 RB in the nation. While, no, stars are not the end all be all, you'd still like to see a player with more offers than just Utah and an FCS school. Overall, I like the addition of Morrow, as I'll always take a play-maker on offense. I would like to see some more linemen, though.


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