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Mike Leach Hands Out Gardening Tips In This Video From The Pac-12 Network

When the idea of the Pac-12 Network first came about, a lot of people were excited for the unique content it could provide. We've seen a few shows on the network, but today we were also treated to two WSU videos online.

First, there is a cool look at Mike Leach's impact on WSU. It includes interviews from Leach, Bill Moos, Jeff Tuel, Travis Long and Drew Bledsoe. There are also a few great shots of Martin Stadium and Pullman and as Neil pointed out on Twitter, there is also a cameo from a jogging Jeff Hironaka at the 1:48 mark.

However, it wouldn't be a true Mike Leach interview without something unique, which is why we also have gardening tips. If you've ever had a problem with bugs eating your plants, Leach has the solution, bags of lady bugs. Move over Gardening With Ciscoe, Mike Leach is here now.